Freelance artist (and occasional animator) who enjoys the cartoony, fantastical, and furry.


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Thanks for your interest! Right now, I only take commissions through my Ko-fi.

"Icarus Dive"
Art of the hero Phoenix from DOTA 2
Licensed merchandise available through Valve.

"Cancer Stage"Contribution to the Katamari Damacy zine Roll Me In benefiting the Black Mental Health Alliance.

"Puddle Pals"
The puddle slime from Slime Rancher
Licensed merchandise available through Good Smile.

Terms of Service: Adoptables

You will receive an invoice via PayPal when it's time to pay for the adoptable design.What you buy:
- ownership of the intellectual property that is the character design
- a high resolution PNG file of the art
- non-commercial rights to use the art
What you can do with it:
- Resell (you paid for it!)
- Make changes to the design
- Have fun with it, as long as your use of the original artwork (and any edits to that artwork) is non-commercial and my signature is left intact.
Please notify me if you resell the design, just so I can keep track of who has usage permissions if I see it out in the wild. This isn't a requirement, but I'd appreciate it!

- 5'1"
- ragdoll cat
- queer non-binary AFAB
- paw pads are the same pink as the nose
- clear glasses
- sliiiiightly cross-eyed
- eyes are two-toned!
- I draw them without hand paw pads + with foot paw pads, but you can do whatever suits your style!
- singing/voice acting
- drawing
- video games
- Steven Universe
- Team Fortress 2
- Twilight Sparkle