artist & animator

I'm Rendoas, or Ren, a self-taught artist. Hailing from Portland, Oregon, I now reside in North Texas.

I started taking art commissions when I was thirteen, and developed a passion for playing with colors.

I began animating on the side in 2017, and have a lot of fun making little looping GIFs.

When I'm not drawing, I like to play video games, read, roleplay, and try to get better at container gardening.


Tools of the trade:
Paint Tool SAI
Clip Studio Paint
Wacom Intuos3 9x12


A few favorite book series:
The Underland Chronicles
The Kingkiller Chronicle
The Witcher

Some of my favorite games:
The Last of Us
Team Fortress 2
Slime Rancher

Status: closed

Terms of Service

All prices listed are starting prices in USD. Additional fees for things such as complex armor or weapons may be added. Please email me at to discuss.
Please do not DM me on Twitter about work.

If you are interested in commissioning me for a type of art not shown here, please inquire by email.

For animation work, prices are dependent on your concept. Expect anywhere from $60 to $300+.


Bust - $20
Half body - $40
Full body - $60

Colored sketch

Bust - $40
Half body - $60
Full body - $80

Loosely rendered sketch

Bust - $60
Half body - $80
Full body - $100

"Icarus Dive"
Art of the hero Phoenix from DOTA 2
Licensed merchandise available through For Fans By Fans

"Copy X Seraph " & "Harpuia"
From Megaman X

Licensed merchandise available through For Fans By Fans:
Copy X

"Lucky Slimes" & "Puddle Pals"
The lucky slime and puddle slime from Slime Rancher by Monomi Park

Licensed merchandise available through For Fans By Fans:
Lucky Slimes
Puddle Pals

"Cancer Stage"

Contribution to the Katamari Damacy zine Roll Me In benefiting the Black Mental Health Alliance.

Personal work

Terms of Service: Adoptables

You will receive an invoice via PayPal when it's time to pay for the adoptable design.

What you buy:
ownership of the intellectual property that is the character designa high resolution PNG file of the artnon-commercial rights to use the art
What you can do with it:
Resell (you paid for it!)Make changes to the designHave fun with it, as long as your use of the original artwork (and any edits to that artwork) is non-commercial and my signature is left intact.
Please notify me if you resell the design, just so I can keep track of who has usage permissions if I see it out in the wild.